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Property insurance encompasses a broad spectrum of coverage, including coverage for your valuables, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, and specific weather coverages for your property. You never know when disaster, theft, or vandalism will strike. With the Insurance Angel is on your shoulder, you never have to worry.

— What kind of losses can a renter sustain?

You might think that if you don’t own the property you’re living in, you’re not at high risk for loss. The truth is, if you have personal property and living expenses like most people do, you are at risk. Most landlords are not liable for your property or expenses if something happens to or in your home. Renter’s insurance covers damage to your personal property and potentially your temporary living expenses when you’re displaced. It can even cover personal liability and medical bills if someone is injured at your place.

— Real Protection from Real Life Situations

Say a fire broke out in your kitchen, destroyed everything in your apartment, and then spread to the apartment next door and injured the tenant. Your renter’s insurance could pay for your belongings, your temporary living expenses, your neighbor’s ruined property, and his medical bills. Compare that to the losses you would have taken without the insurance, and you’ll definitely feel like you’ve got an angel in your corner.

— Weather Coverage

Though there are several types that protect against natural disasters, flood insurance is the most popular type of specific weather coverage. If your home floods, chances are the damages won’t be covered by your home or renter’s insurance. Unfortunately, flood damage is usually extensive. Even if you don’t live in an area with frequent flooding, burst pipes and other water system malfunctions can leave you in high water. Your Insurance Angel can find you the flood insurance you need to stay safe.

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