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The only thing worse than illness and injury is not being able to afford the medical care you need when your family is affected. Let the Insurance Angel watch over you and your loved ones, so you know you’ll be protected in the worst circumstances.

— Why should you have health insurance?

One of the best insurance decisions you can make is to protect your health.
Health insurance generally covers your medical expenses, including consultations with your primary care physician, surgical procedures, prescriptions, and even sometimes dental care. Depending on your policy, your insurance might reimburse you for claims related to injuries or illnesses or simply pay your provider directly.

— How does it work?

Healthcare needs vary by person, so health insurance plans are tailored to fit your needs.
If you suffer from chronic illness or a condition that requires ongoing treatment, you can choose a plan that has a higher premium but a lower deductible. That way, the insurance policy takes over your expenses after you pay a relatively small amount. If you’re someone who is rarely sick or injured and needs just-in-case insurance, you can choose a plan with low premiums and a high deductible. Your monthly costs will remain low, but if you do have to make a claim, you’ll pay more before the insurance policy takes over.

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